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We offer services in line with your expectations

We are a company that has been providing outsourcing services throughout the country since 2016. Our company's strategy is to provide contractors with specialized and experienced employees to provide professional service in a wide range.

Are you wondering if it is worth using our services?


One of the many benefits of cooperation with us are:

  • Cost minimization - the main goal that the principals care about the most.
  • Time saving - leave the process of recruiting qualified employees to us!
  • Improving the quality of services - the possibility of using the latest technologies as well as experience and valuable knowledge.

How we work?


Our solutions are individually tailored to the needs of a client. All activities are based on the analysis of the needs of a specific company.


Employee outsourcing is a chance for development with the help of our company! By using the outsourcing services of Re-Cruiter, you can notice the high level of services provided, which is constantly being improved.


Our goal is your trust and satisfaction with the level of providing services at a high level.

Meet our team

Petro Didek

Chairman of the Board petro.didek@re-cruiter.eu

Anna Tereszczenko

Chairman of the Board anna.tereszczenko@re-cruiter.eu

Andrii Rudyk

Head of Human Resource Department andrii.rudyk@re-cruiter.eu

Agnieszka Walo

Deputy Director agnieszka.walo@re-cruiter.eu

Katarzyna Ogniewska

Head of the Sales katarzyna.ogniewska@re-cruiter.eu

Volodymyr Chaban

Human Resource Manager volodymyr.chaban@re-cruiter.eu

Margaryta Perepolkina

Human Resource Manager margaryta.perepolkina@re-cruiter.eu

Volodymyr Pankiv

Recruitment Manager volodymyr.pankiv@re-cruiter.eu

Serhii Samoliuk

Chief Specialist for Legalization of Employment of Foreigners serhii.samoliuk@re-cruiter.eu

Adrianna Kulikowska

Chief HR Administration adrianna.kulikowska@re-cruiter.eu

Martyna Antczak

HR Support and CEO Assistant martyna.antczak@re-cruiter.eu

Barbara Dobkowska

Sales Representative barbara.dobkowska@re-cruiter.eu

Office address

Office in Warsaw
Bracka 3 lok 1A
00-501 Warszawa
Office in Ternopil
Staryi Rynok 1/63
46000 Tarnopol, Ukraina